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    If you’re looking for a contractor who specializes in retail shop reinstatement to perform your dismantling, hacking, removal, disposal, and reinstates your shop to its original state with quick and affordable services, look no further. We have the solution. We provide efficient shop restoration services for all types and sizes of retail shops. OfficStac can provide you with a complete shop reinstatement solution at a low cost. If you want to know more about our services, charges, or anything else, contact us immediately for a quote.

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    Our Shop Reinstatement Works in Singapore Includes

    No matter the size of your retail shop, we undertake all types of small, medium, and large retail shop restoration works to return it to its original condition. We are a team of professionals who will perform all of the work on schedule and in a high-quality manner. We have a dedicated team for each sector of the reinstatement process to complete all of the work at the same time and on schedule. Using the most up-to-date technologies and suitable building equipment, our reinstatement team will deliver a professional finish. The following services are included in our shop reisntatement:

    • Removal of drywall partitions and ceilings
    • Reinstatement the ceiling and floor tiles
    • Terminating power outlets, light fixtures, and wiring
    • Removing the paintwork on the walls and ceiling
    • Removing all electrical fixtures, including power outlets, lighting, wire trunking, and cables
    • Removal of glass doors and windows, as well as timber doors
    • Fire sprinkler pipes are being removed
    • Removing equipment such as workstations, cubicles, tables, and cupboards
    • Terminating or relocating sanitary and plumbing work
    • Disposal of build-in fixtures such as feature walls, cabinets, counter, etc
    • Removal of air conditioners and their pipes
    • Taking down tile, floor finishes, and carpeting
    • Removing and disposal of racks
    • Roller shutter dismantling and disposal
    • Removal of Wallpaper and wall art
    • Erecting a hoarding in front of the store

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    When you hire us to restore your retail store, you can rest assured that the work will be done quickly and efficiently. Contact us and sit back and relax; we'll take care of everything and won't cause you any difficulties. We handle all types of shop restoration work with the highest level of professionalism. We will not charge you any more than the amount estimated. You're only a few steps away from reinstating your retail store. Simply give us a call or fill out our free quote form today, and we'll take care of the rest.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The cost of reinstatement of a shop is different for everyone. It depends on the size of your retail store, the extent of the fit-out decoration, the extent of floor hacking, the quantity of fire sprinkler relocation, etc.

    Depends on square feet and its reinstatement works, but we have a quick process to finish any retails shop reinstatement works within a week.

    • Removal of drywall partition & false ceiling
    • Realignment & replace the false ceiling board
    • Removal of paintings on the wall and epoxy paint removal
    • Removal of wirings, power points, and data points
    • Disposal of doors and windows
    • Removal of plumbing and sanitary items
    • Relocated and reinstate the sprinkle points &
    • Much more